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I'm Standing Proud, Thanks to Team Georgia.

No one should have to live with neurological and spine-related issues.

Team Georgia Neurosurgery & Spine can help.

You should be able to enjoy life on your terms. Spend time with family and friends. Travel and explore the world. The last thing you need is spine-related pain affecting mobility or slowing you down.

Over time, neurological pain can take an emotional toll. You worry about every little movement. Even the ability to stand may be difficult.

Team Georgia Neurosurgery & Spine brings together the Georgia Neurological Surgery & Comprehensive Spine physician team with the GNS Surgery Center.

We work with individuals like you on a personal partnership level, with
compassion and care, so you can get back on your life’s journey.

It’s easy to lose hope. To think that your pain will never go away.

We want you to know that you CAN live pain-free.
You CAN live your life the way you used to.


Take the first step.

Find out what Team Georgia can do for you.

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The neurosurgeons of Team Georgia have different sub-specialties and areas of care. Watch this video to learn more.

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These patients are all standing PROUD, thanks to Team Georgia.

Watch these videos to hear their actual stories.

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